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How to hack facebook account and password easily UPDATED

You searching to hack facebook..right?

A guest post by #sniperhex

So guys as its a human tendency to peek into others life,you finally made a search on ways of hacking Facebook account..
so today I am going to clear all the truths are frauds  taking place in the name of hacking Facebook,so follow on with me

what is Facebook which you are trying to hack for free
Facebook is a social network based in US which was started by mark zukerberg with his friends in a small room,which now operates on thousands of servers hosted all over the world,it has now over 1 billion user..

So there are 1 billion users so there will be people trying to penetrate their servers or say hack it,so if people make accounts there are other skilled programmers( Hackers ) can access all of their data and personal as well as financial information,then why would anyone use Facebook ? what will be the point of chatting and all,when nothing is secure there..nobody will upload any photo,or any sort of thing...finally what will happen is that all will run away and look some other good and Secure place,so to avoid these scenarios, Facebook have many of the worlds best engineers with them having extraordinary skills ,pro programmers of mainly all computer languages to protect their computer networks,and enough money to buy and implement all new technology to evade these hackers..

Add me here alan

So those of you who have been in this misconception that those hackers hack Facebook account by doing some magic on Facebook or penetrating Facebook servers,I am glad that today i opened your eyes,they can't shake even a single hair of Facebook some Chinese and Russian hackers can make them to knees) but in general no one goes inside Facebook servers and steals password,as i used to think some years ago,but you may say that people still hack your accounts/passwords ,

ARE they paying or Is It free?

ARE they hacking your password with some software to penetrate their servers?

ARE they hacking your password by help of facebook employee?

ARE they really intelligent that they made a zero day exploit?

ARE all of them pro Programmers(elite hacker)?

DID they did some course of something like that?

But you may say that some kids(script kiddies also hack)

i know by know you are really thinking what I am trying to prove here,read all the above point,the answer lies in the above points.
the truth is,none of the above point are correct(some exceptions are always there you know;) )

the one who usually hack a Facebook account is the one with no programming knowledge they are usually the ones wFho stain the term hacker,
usually its either through social engineering or by hijacking your computer which is a little bit complicated for a normal computer user,frankly,it needs a cunning brain and some sorts of technical knowledge and the eagerness to know more in the field of technology, ,so I as your well wisher,as I told you this much things,want to make you AWARE   of  an internet scam going on till date in which most of you have fallen,
when you search in Google for how to hack Facebook account,you are  welcomed with a website which has subscription(free to join of course ) system in which a user will pay 100$ to the website ,and give them the id which you want to be hacked ,and they will ask for 2-3 days time for the password hacking!(god bless them),so the next day what you get is that they will say ""who the devil are You" ??!!! because some people are so serious to hack someones account/password that You will shell out all your savings to intrude someones privacy,but in the end,neither they know how to hack,nor you know,and you'll spend the next 28-36 hour watching at the clock to get his password,but for your surprise you will get a "who the devil are you" one your face. ..

In the end,you paid 100$, they got it,as they cant hack,you'll be kicked out of the try to go to cops,but what you will say..?
you were out to hack facebook account for free,but paid because you couldn't resist to have his/her password
you wont be able to open you mouth as you can't..say a word why you paid them...this is only one man...there are thousands searching for this..and 1 in 10 surely once I was myself going to pay for it,but didn't had that money that time.
they gave me offer that in 120$,you have a 6 month subscription and you can request for unlimited you know the truth,but now I know more than 10 people who gave money this way and that genius who made this excellent money making business will be making millions...


Another one is one which 5 in 10 people reading this may be victim to,or you are lucky that you read this one in time.
there are software out there which can give you passwords,only pain you have to suffer is the pain in typing the id of victim,rest the software will do for you,some screenshots of such almighty software s

how to hack facebook account

facebook how to hack

account hacker free for facebook

All these ,are software made with no difficulty by programmers who have a curved mind,these simple software's are easy to make,as they only have to collect the email.and give any randomly created password to the user,so you may think how are the software designers earning>?
well he will always bind a virus with it,which will hack your computer,which will help them to gain control over your own Facebook account,and you will become a part if their botnet(botnets are used by hacker to launch type of online nuclear wars on websites and government) also they can rent you pc access to someone with need(unlimited ways for hacker to make money,more than that 100$ scam
so in this case also,you simply downloaded the software as you didnt knew anything,tried to hack,but did not get anything,instead lost access to your own facebook account

So I stumbled upon another very big scam trending these days, 
I was searching for "How to hack facebook account"  and got many amazing scams. unfortunately many innocent people have already fallen in it,
So the 1st result I got was from the
So as a usual visitor I entered the site,and was greeted with "start hacking password " message,beleive me,anyone would get his confidence a boost after reading such,As I also had a feeling that it was legitimate,as I was starting to believe,((so cleverly the site was crafted!))
So I clicked the button (Guys you can follow with me ,what I am doing)
and there entered my own profile url,as i was told to do there,
So i entered my url,and got my pic also ,90% of the people are surely fooled here as they believe this website can access facebook server to hack accounts and passwords,but wait a minute,use your common sense,once you logout from facebook,type the same url you type in to this site,
like mine:
you will see your profile pic,which means that this pic and your name is accessible to anybody with url,without any login credentials.
Got the point here?
The accused website scammer is gaining your trust by displaying your name and pic from the url,which anybody can access if they have your url,which you are providing here.
So after that i click some buttons to hack,and there runs a animation that its hacking your account and finally it hacks...and you are exited,but hey,do you see something there?
A pop up box to confirm that your a human?
Its actually CPA ad,which means cost per action ads or PPA ad,which means the advertiser pays 1$ when user completes the survey or whatever is stated on that box,
So that scammer is earning 100000$ each 1000000000 people are searching..and 80% fills and gets nothing,as its a trap,to which every novice internet user falls to,

So now its time to make up your mind to remove the thought of hacking as all those criminals who are in jail also lost the way here only,they started to do illegal things ..and finally broke all extents to make money,landing themselves in jail for a decade...whats the use?
did you get anything?you only ruined you life by starting googling about facebook hacking

only five of millions jailed

LulzSec hackers plead guilty, admit attacks on CIA, SOCA, Sony and others

these are only five as I only posted five,I have myself read thousand such stories..all admitted starting their hacking career with facebook account hacking,believe me,Its easy to say the smoking wont be addicting before you start(though i never smoked,my eyes and ears are witness) but you will lose you track if you continue,and one day you are to be caught and brought before you may not know what technology US gov really has to catch hacker..(that's why everybody is finally brought to their knees)

The above program,ie stealthgenie is what i use and admire you to use for mobile hacking and tracking on iphone and android device

And If you still want to hack someones facebook account on PC for emergency or for spying on kids or any good work(mind you no dirty works) I can provide you with a Package (not any put id and get password software) but genuine material + my 6 year experience in the industry which I will personally give you on live chat/email support  so you don't get fooled by anyone and spy you kid's facebook.I receive 100+ queries a day for these hacking support so I am planning to release a Big Package + my personal support to all members.If you want to know what extra(not disclosed till now on internet) from my experience I will teach you through in this,you can contact me through comment.The package cost is only 10$ which includes my personal assistance in making you perfect in hacking your kid's facebook account + (many hidden offers which cannot be disclosed here-ask me in comments with your email id)so you can keep a watch on them.Contact me down at comment section for all details

and if you could be kind enough,be little more kind to go through the advertisement given below
Have a good day :)
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earthquake observed in delhi right now,

iam the first one to write on this earthquake which hit delhi roght now,as i was writing a post and suddenly my chair was shaking...first i thought iam gone crazy but now gone thro google news and found that similar earthquake was observed in northeastern region of india,..mainly punjab
so hold on guys it was not a high intensity earthquake,but a small one,so lets wait while the department gives us the magnitude of earthquake
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Best way to remove powered by blogger

To remove powered by google u have to simply follow my instructions below,rest assured,u will surely remove it,
so here we go
first sign in,
then go to the custumisation menu,
then inorder to help you in removing the powering by blogger,u just go to technotron devilz blog,sorry i culdnt write the whole method to help you remove that unprofessional thing,but look at the fact that iam typing this from a gprs phone,that also without opera mini u can imagine my paining fingers as its also not a qwerty i had to type much..
nevertheless,i have guided you in removing the powered by blogger blogspot within the walls of a gprs mobile..dont worry.i will soon give you a full tutorial to remove that..
happy removing..
ba bye....
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Technotron devilz

This domain is a new blog by gary akshay singh,
not to mention that it is his 2nd blog,and we can expect to have some huge rocket takeoffs from technotron devilz
so its my humble request to u guys to visit this techno devilz and have fun..and also keep in mind that gary is new to dnt expect huge from techno tron devilz
have a nice day...
ba bye....
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very unfortunate delhi rape case


The bus driver ram singh went out with
his 6 friends ( 2 rkp sabzee wale + all bihari ) 
the girl and the guy was
called by the driver and were given proper tickets
( the bus was a school bus
with black curtains .. Not permitted for
transport use )

the girl was 23 a very
good student and wanted to reach dwarka mor.
After they got in , the
guys hit a rod on
the guys's head and threw him out ,
then raped the girl one by one which was moving continuously in the
posh areas of delhi and ncr.

After raping her badly , one of them inserted a very long rod in her vagina which almost killed her and threw
her out and ran away.
She was lying in
the middle of the rod
hurt and nude..
Not even single
person helped her or covered her for an
When police came in no one
helped them pick her up. They were just
not interested at all.
The girl's vagina + small and large intestine is totally damaged and
cannot live a married or normal

Doctor said " main bayan nahi kar
ki ussne kya kya zheela hai ...
Bolte hue
muzhe dard hota hai ".
She has gone in
coma 5 times from 16th dec. She is unconscious , critical and is not stop
crying. The ribs are damaged as well.

That's the whole story
And that's what delhi people are. And her only fault was that she
took a wrong bus..

You have sisters ,
mothers , daughters
and soo many females at home.
Please don't sit and relax
Its not that small deal ... Its bout
families safety..

                                                 kutte k bacche,ab mare jayenge!!!
kash ye sab ko 5 min k liye public k samne chod diya jaye,kasam se,itna bura ajtak koi ni pita hoga!!