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Best way to remove powered by blogger

To remove powered by google u have to simply follow my instructions below,rest assured,u will surely remove it,
so here we go
first sign in,
then go to the custumisation menu,
then inorder to help you in removing the powering by blogger,u just go to technotron devilz blog,sorry i culdnt write the whole method to help you remove that unprofessional thing,but look at the fact that iam typing this from a gprs phone,that also without opera mini u can imagine my paining fingers as its also not a qwerty i had to type much..
nevertheless,i have guided you in removing the powered by blogger blogspot within the walls of a gprs mobile..dont worry.i will soon give you a full tutorial to remove that..
happy removing..
ba bye....


  1. Here is the Method of Removing Attributes from your bloger blog:-

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