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GTA 4 cheats

So you are looking for gta 4 cheats,then I am all about sharing the cheats of gta 4 with you,while cheating is not good for any gta,,or I say any game,as the one who cheats is the one who cant play the game,in a way,he is caward,searching for cheats of gta 4,,so I think that using cheats of gta 4 will not make you  gamers,but worsen the capablities of you as a gamer,as you will become depeendent on cheats and look for cheats of every game,so you will never try to kill anybody in game with your mind,as you will be cheating to unlimited health,  
by the way,playing gta 4 without playing gta sanandreaas is a waste of time,aas if you had played gta san andreas,you had the curiosity of gta 4,and the missions in gta 4 are less diffficult,
there are cheats are avaliable for gta sanandreas also,which I personally hate,as after putting the cheat of cops,the cheats act in such  a cheat manner that cops never come,until the game is reloaded,so cheating there was like a crime,and the integrity of game was also over,i have also made cheats for

GTA 4 is all about strength,couragness and mental ability to with stand in a new country,,where you have come to lead a good life without cheating
so i recommend that you try not to use cheats in gta 4,
but for your info,I am giving a few links to gta 4 cheats
gta 4 cheats
and some have noted in gta 4 that when they use cheats,their game comes to a hault,and then they are required to restart gta 4 in order to play again,this is a measure taken by gta4 team to prevent game hackers to crack cheats,but they finally made cheats for gta 4 also,which now doesnt corrupts/hangs gta 4
and by the way,have you guys seen new trailer of gta 5?officially launched by rockstar games? so if not,open a new tab and go to youtube and watch the gta 5 trailer,and not fooling around to find the cheats for them too,before they release,if you google out it now,,you may find fake pages roaming out there,,but now go and complete gta 4 whithout cheats,and when you play and try to complete a mission without cheats ,then you will realise what a game it was! I had also used cheats in gta 4,but after doing 2 missions,i thjought whats the point in doing missions with unlimited health and weapon,then better not to play gta 4 and watch some action movie
so i presonally recomond you to not to cheat and stop searching for gta 4 cheats,and anjoy the game!


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