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Law Lemon in Wisconsin

Does Wisconsin Law Promote Jobs or Punish Lemon Law Attorney?

John DeCostanza

Law Lemon in Wisconsin If you are Vince Megna you might feel like there is a bull's-eye on the back of your pinstriped suit. There is a reason for that. He is a very successful lawyer in Wisconsin.
A list of Megna's verdicts and settlements involve so many car companies that it reads like the program of a international car show. His success in the niche of lemon law litigation prompted The Washington Post to label him the "King of Lemon Laws". The legal monarch's track record eventually drew the attention of auto industry players in Wisconsin who are also politically connected.
Settlement became the tipping point
Megna brought a suit against a Burlington Wisconsin car dealership which allegedly performed $5,000 in unauthorized repairs on his client's vehicle. The case which dated back to 2007 was about to Law Lemon in Wisconsin go to trial when the parties reached an agreement.
In the end the dealership agreed to  Law Lemon in Wisconsin pay "$12,500 for damages, $151,250 in legal fees and $5,284 in costs". The owner of the car dealership is a Republican donor in a state whose legislature and governorship is controlled by that party, which is why this whole episode is of note. Megna is a Democrat.
Statutory fallout
In December Governor Scott Walker signed a bill that limits attorneys' fees to three times the amount of damages which are being sought. Under the new law Megna's payout would have been limited to $15,000, unless the judge would have determined that higher fees were warranted, which is a provision of the new law.
As a result Megna has said that he will not represent Republicans, which Wisconsin's Office of Lawyer Regulation says is within his prerogative.
The law which was passed during a special legislative session devoted
to jobs was promoted as a way to protect job creators and improve the business climate in Wisconsin.
Real world results
Whether it is in the courtroom or the boardroom it is no secret that profit is the grease that keeps the wheels of commerce moving forward. In this case there is plenty of law lemon negative public sentiment on both sides of the issue. The U.S. Congress may be the only group in the country to be held in lower regard than aggressive lawyers or driven corporate heads.
So is this a decision about two legitimate goals - job creation and consumer protection or is it a choice between unfettered corporate power and the application of the free market system to the legal process. While the ultimate impact will be evident in the future legal decisions in Wisconsin, it is clear that the playing field has been changed subject to a fluid political climate.
The balance of power has shifted from the complaining car owner to the deeper pockets of the corporate entity. Consumers will be hard pressed to match the larger resources of the corporations now that the rewards to their legal advocates have been limited.
Todd Richmond, Wis. Gov signs bill capping attorney fees,
Published by John DeCostanza - Featured Contributor in Automotive
John DeCostanza has owned and operated a service station and repair facility for nearly forty years. He is an ASE certified auto parts specialist Law Lemon in Wisconsin  and service consultant. His writing for print includes work f...  View profile
  • Lemon LawLemon law enables you to get a replacement of a newly purchased car if you find any defect on it. You are usually entitled to a refund if a dealer cannot repair the damages on the car.
  • Lemon Law Arbitration: What to Expect in Lemon Car DisputesIf you feel your car is a "lemon," and if you want to claim refund or replacement under Lemon Law, be prepared for Lemon Law arbitration
  • Law Lemon in Wisconsin
  • Law Lemon in Wisconsin.
  • Lemon Law Overview

    Semi Truck Lemon Law
    For semi truck drivers and owner-operators, their vehicles are their livelihood. If a truck continually breaks down or does not operate correctly, the owner is in danger of losing a significant investment and going out of business.
    If you leased or bought a semi truck in Wisconsin that is continually in the shop for repairs, you may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer under Wisconsin’s lemon law.
    At Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., we have more than 100 combined years of legal experience, and attorney Vince P. Megna has more than 21 years of specific experience in lemon law. Called the “King of Lemon Laws” by the Washington Post, Mr. Megna is one of the leading lemon law attorneys in America. He has represented Law Lemon in Wisconsin truck drivers, owner-operators and small trucking businesses.
    How to Know if Your Truck Is a Lemon
    Wisconsin’s lemon law will cover your semi truck for the first year after you lease or buy the vehicle. Most claims involve:
    • Four or more repairs: If your truck is in the shop four times during the first year for the same problem, and that problem continues after the fourth repair attempt, the Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to either refund your full purchase price or give you a new vehicle.
    • Out of service for 30 days:  law lemionYou deserve a refund or a replacement truck if your vehicle is out of service for various repairs at least 30 days during the first year.
    • Failure to repair: If your semi truck was repaired at least once during the first year you owned or leased it, you can still recover damages after the first year if the same problem continues.
    If the manufacturer refuses to refund or replace your truck, you can seek double damages plus compensation for your lawyers’ fees. Because you will be up against some of the largest companies in the world, however, it is important to have the most experienced attorney possible on your side.
    Schedule a free consultation with acclaimed lemon law attorney Vince Megna. Call the Milwaukee office of Aiken & Scoptur, S.C., at 414-326-4979 today.
    Law Lemon in Wisconsin


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