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Siberian Huskey

A review or you can say features of the siberian dog

The Siberian Husky is a ok ok medium sized,densed coat dog whose ansectors belong to eastern siberia,well i dont know much about its family,but i think as gary said,it belongs to splitz genetic family(not to confuse with genesis framework {for my hackers and seo pro guys..})ONe of the noting features of husky wich made me its fan is the erect  triangular ears and thick furred tail and obviosly its coolness,

If you are thinking The siberian husky to be a prototype of strong THE GREAT KHALI(indian wrestler,though i know all this wrestling,kain dying and rest all S#!t is a low class drama,but still),then a bad news f0r you,Siberia husky are very active,energetic and SIlent type of dogs that  came from severe cold regions of Artic,ie from north of south pole,have a look at google maps,and to be mentioned,these huskies were brought form Alaska to United states,and then to canada,then spread all over the world by the crooks,even in delhi,you can buy a siberian husky in delhi,details are given at the end,

As huskies are considered to be working breed of dogs,they can withstand without food for much long time
Male siberian husky  weigh around 46-61pounds while their female counterparts weigh around 36-50pounds
Height range from 55-61cm in case of male,and 52-57 in case of their female girlfriends

Coat review
Siberian huskies  usually have white jaws and legs,the most common of the coat is black and white,while copper red,white,grey,and off white are still scare,these huskies have most dense and thicker coat than any other dog in world,even thicker than gary!!!lol so you may be thinking of any good use such thick fur,there is one,than it can withstand temp as low as -5o degree celcius!!your fridge is @0 degrree celcius,so imagine -50 degree celcius,and one thing to note that siberian huskies coat needs regular grooming
a siberian husky has capability to to adjust its coat according to surrounding environment,and dont consider buying a husky if u live in a hot or humid region

it seems to be a wolf,but its not,actually its beatuy cant be compared to anyone,


husky should not be accomodated in a small for a dog type house,it should me atleast 4m square,and enough height for it to jump and have a sense of freedom

Husky is a quite dog,you will rarely or will never see it barking,it only houls,like a fox,and you,going to be,or the proud owners of the dog must me physically strong,as the man should be dominent over the dog,as i said that they are quite powerful,but they dont seem so..husky with lazy owners who dont give them good exercise see their sibeiran falling ill by hip 'dalla'plasia

Siberian husky are little hard to train,and they often do what they wish,if the owner is not strong,as i said,the owner should have a command over husky..
and start increasing your smartness,as husky are smart even than you think,their memory power is also awsome
and ofcourse intellegent,my husky even plays grand theft auto san andreas,isnt it co000l??lol

My view on siberian husky
the siberian is one the most handsome dog i have even seen in my life,this dog is not meant for everybody,especially for fraud people,who will in time play fraud with husky,by not giving it time,siberian husky needs commitment by the owner.IF u live in a 2BHK apartment,bought onre siberian,went for work,returned,and then filled huskies bowl with pedegree,then for gods sake,this siberian is not meant for you,husky requires that its owner is loving,and can play or be with it for long...if its left alone for long,it can be a call to they are quite powerful

Currently your dream siberian husky its being offered by a company DADDYLOL Inc.
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  1. That playing GTA Sanandreas thing was quite funny..
    And were did Great Khali came in between this,, lol,, DADDYLOL ,, i m a daddylol dog professional(GARY), so you can contact me as well ,, For any info about buying a Husky in Delhi, please contact us, Daddylol inc. is always ready at your service, day or night !!!


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